River Mole

There are 150 plus permanent pegs and members will tell you each peg has a shoal of Chub. It's just that some shoals are larger than others. Chub are the predominant specie, and Roach and Dace are making a come back, a Christmas match being won with 25lbs of Roach from a stretch where they rarely show. Get the water colour right and they appear from nowhere. More anglers are targeting the Carp, Pike and Barbel, all of which run to double figures. The river also has a large head of perch to 4lbs (average 1.8lbs), that seem to show surprisingly more in the summer, when the Minnows are active. Trout, Gudgeon, Crucians and Tench will put in an appearance. Each section also holds a resident shoal of Bream. The river is one of the best kept secrets amongst Surrey anglers.

Castlefields Lake

This rectangular lake with an average depth of 3 feet can accommodate 26 anglers on 2 metre square platforms. No fishing between platforms. It is naturally spring fed and water levels are also kept up when the River Mole has it's winter floods. The species present include Carp, Crucians, Roach, Gudgeon, Skimmers, Tench and Perch. The latter three were introduced in 2005.

 Puddenhole Lake

Large uncaught Roach can be targeted, as well as the traditional stillwater species of Perch, Tench and Carp . The Carp grow to 10lbs. The water responds well to a roving approach and is under fished by the membership. An ideal water for those who prefer their own company. NOTE; Due to lack of volunteers it has not been possible to do any maintenance for some time. Therefore weedy and swims overgrown.

Dorking Mill Pond

This venue, in the heart of Dorking is popular with the juniors in the summer whilst Mum goes shopping. There are about ten swims available on the North Bank only. Small Roach are prolific and is an ideal venue for beginners and juniors. There are a couple of shoals of Bream to 3lbs, Carp, Perch and Tench. This venue is rarely fished by the "experts" and could throw up a surprise.

Stammerham Farm
This venue has 67 permanent swims across three lakes and contains a mix of Carp, Tench, Bream, Roach, Golden Orfe and Gudgeon. The venue is accessed via a single gate which must be kept secured at all times. There are two car parks which give easy access to the three lakes. Please do not fish beyond the roped off areas near the feeders which are situated in the corner of each lake.
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